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Meet the team

Broadway GM

Josh Tabler /
S. Broadway GM

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Holly Wade /
Colfax GM

What do you like most about Atomic?

Why Atomic? Atomic has given me a career where being my true self is celebrated. We are given the freedom to learn, grow and excel daily and even make mistakes here and there.

Where do you see Atomic and your Restaurant going in the future?

The sky is the limit for Atomic. Colfax is flagship store and we take great pride in that. We strive to bring value to our neighborhood, and stay active with our community. Our goal is to foster growth with all employees that come through here, and knowing that they make a difference and help them be the absolute best version of themselves.

Tell us something about yourself. 

When I am not at work I love going to museums, building legos and dreaming of snorkeling.


Austin Storie / 
Stanley Market GM

What do you like most about Atomic?
Why Atomic? While I could go on for a very long time about all the reasons, I think the most important is that people always come first. In restaurants the "people" aspect of the job can get lost in the shuffle, but it is what drives me to wake up in the morning, and Atomic allows me to take care of everyone in the restaurant. 
Where do you see Atomic and your Restaurant going in the future?
The sky's the limit for Atomic. As Atomic continues to invest into people, we will be able to give people the opportunity to further their careers whether that is at my restaurant or another in the company. 
Tell us something about yourself. 
One of my favorite places to be is in a movie theater. I go to the theater multiple times a month sometimes to see the same movie multiple times. I saw the movie 1917 four times in the theater!

Conrad Carter / Tennyson GM

What do you like most about Atomic? It's not just that Atomic is a great environment for professional growth and opportunity, because it is. I love Atomic because its core values so closely match my own. Integrity, kindness, and excellence are always held in the highest regard here. I also love that the health and wellness of my family is top priority for the people I work for.Where do you see Atomic and your Restaurant going in the future? I want my restaurant to continue to be great place for people to work. Atomic is a springboard for great careers and personal growth. I'm excited to see the lives that are changed as Atomic grows.Tell us something about yourself. I like to spend as much time as I can with my wife and newborn daughter. We are big fans of the outdoors. We spend our vacations camping and exploring the US National Parks with a plan to visit every one of them at least once in our lifetime.

IMG_2511 2.jpg

Dani Broza / 
Tejon GM

What do you like most about Atomic?
I love that Atomic has allowed me the opportunity to meet the most amazing people!  Our teams are full of dynamic and effervescent champions; it is a gift to spend my time with them, learn from them, and grow with them.  Atomic not only allows us the opportunity, but encourages us to invest in our team.  Spending every day with the best people is a luxury I will never take for granted.
Where do you see Atomic and your Restaurant going in the future?
Where don't I see Atomic? During my time with Atomic, I have seen some incredible growth in our team and the company!  I don't think there's a single thing this group cannot achieve, any challenge we cannot overcome, and any new height we cannot reach.  For Colorado Springs, we will continue to create better lives, and fuller careers for anyone that walks through our doors. We will be here to support, teach, and provide for our team no matter what!
Tell us something about yourself. When I am not at Atomic you can catch me at the airport headed out of town!  I love to travel, and am lucky enough to have an amazing best friend and boyfriend to keep my adventures interesting.  At home you can catch me killing my houseplants with my bloodhounds fully in charge!

Matt McMunn /
Westport GM 

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Mindy Williams /
Downtown Overland Park GM

What do you like most about Atomic?

Oddly enough, Atomic was the first time I took the leap from serving and bartending into full time management. There was something that just felt right and at home. Six years later I couldn't agree more. We are a true caring family with values, standards and a commitment to growing each other's careers. 

Where do you see Atomic and your Restaurant going in the future?

The future for Atomic is truly unstoppable. We will continue to challenge and change how the restaurant industry is. Our brightest asset is and always will be how we grow our fellow team members and careers. True victory is when my team grows and develops.

Tell us something about yourself. 

When I am not working you can find me spending dime with my boyfriend and furry kids. You can usually find us chasing music, camping or enjoying time with our friends and family. 

Golden GM

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And the support team...

Joel Pic.jpg

Drew Shader /
Founder + Owner

Nate Lotz/
SVP of Operations

Mitzi Vallon /
SVP of Development

Joel Crane /
VP of Finance/Controller


Jenna Dilsaver /
Director of Marketing

Brittany Padilla/
People + Culture

Jamie Wade /
Area Manager

Patricia Linsenmann /
Senior HR Manager


Angela Villa /

Nick "Chef" Flowers /
Operations Chef

Laura Castillo /
Training Manager

Sarah Riehl /
Support Team Manager

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